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Friday, September 3, 2010

What a letdown

Well, that was underwhelming. When a hurricane comes through and you sleep the whole time, that's pretty lame. I was really looking forward to it. Everyone freaking out around here, lines 6 miles long at the Costco, bottled water sold out...but no, the biggest piece of debris I could find was a pine needle that landed on my car. Whoopee.

I mean, come on. I lived in the midwest and southeast, and witnessed the cyclonic destruction of tornadoes...even helped my sister cleanup after one and made a small profit. Went to the West Coast and bounced through two earthquakes, one of those actually crumbled a brick wall or two.

But "Hurricane Earl" (if he's not already weakened into a Tropical Storm) did little more than wet the grass here. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't looking for complete mayhem and destruction. Maybe a Ficus to fall on the car so I could get the insurance money for it. After living through the tornadoes and earthquakes I have developed a strong respect for nature's fury. But it's hard to respect Category 4 Fury that brings nothing more than a simple summer shower.

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  1. WHERE DO YOU FIND YOUR PICTURES? That poor baby must have a T _ _ _ half way in and it won't go either way.